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Can You Really Develop a Fuck Friend?

The whole concept of a fuck friend really makes a lot of guys chuckle. It really does. I mean, think about it, it’s somebody that you can go camping, museum hopping and club hopping with. At the end of the night, she ends up sucking your dick and taking your cock up her ass like a lot of girls over here. It seems like it’s too good to be true. It seems like something straight out of the forum pages of Penthouse. It’s like every single guy’s wet dream come true. Can you imagine enjoying a beer with a female, having a great time with her, trading laughs, and ending the night with her sucking on your dick like it contained the cure for cancer?


It’s just too much to take, but the reality is you can develop a fuck buddy. It is possible. The problem is most guys have a completely misplaced mindset as far as this type of friend is concerned. Make no mistake about it, this is still a type of friend. Pay attention to that word, “friend”. A friend is somebody that you tell secrets to. A friend is somebody who’s got your back. A friend is somebody you could call when you’re down. The big difference between a fuck buddy and a regular friend is that you get to have sex with that friend.


Unfortunately, many guys interpret this concept as turning an existing female friend into a fuck buddy. This is always a recipe for disaster. Let me repeat that again, this is always a one-way ticket to disaster. If you price all those happy memories you have with that person, don’t take a giant shit on it by trying to introduce physical action into the mix. It’s not going to work out.


She might be eager about it at the beginning. She might be all over it in the beginning, but ultimately, your friendship is going to get weird. That’s the last thing that you want because the reason why your friendship is so awesome is because you feel that you can tell this person everything under the sun and not feel judged. From my perspective, that is worth more than having your dick sucked or coming inside a tight hole. Don’t waste that precious treasure.

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