Sex Is Important For All Living Organisms

Every living organism reproduces. This reproduction happens naturally or is induced. Sexual reproduction is when two genital organs, the penis and the vagina work together thus helping the sperm to fuse with the ovary. Once this fusion takes place, zygote or the embryo is formed. This embryo later develops to form the fetus. The sperm travels through the female tract in a fluid called the semen. This fluid carries the sperm through ductile glands and contains all the necessary nutrients along with urea, protein and minerals for the survival of the spermatozoa. This fluid is a grayish white vicious fluid which helps in smooth travel of the sperms. This process is the same in every living organisms, animals and human beings. Sex is the process which starts reproduction. Though many people choose sex for pleasure, reproduction starts with sex between male and female.

Sex is also followed between men and men and women and women today. This is purely for pleasure purposes. Sex activity through massaging and rubbing the genitals of both male and female creates a sexual arousal which is pure pleasure. Many people choose to do this very often to themselves when they feel like they want to feel the sexual arousal. This is called Masturbation. The person achieves orgasm on rubbing the genitals. This is done when they watch sex videos or sexual activity. It is a normal activity that every person follows. Nearly 90% of the males and 89 percent of the females have masturbated. Some start to masturbate from childhood and many others continue to do throughout their lives. Masturbation is safe form of achieving orgasm provided it does not affect the private sex life with the partner or is done in public.

Masturbation through sex videos

Many people watch sex videos when they masturbate. This is because watching them creates a kind of sexual feeling from within and thus increases the blood flow in the genitals. This helps them in achieving orgasm faster. Many websites contain scat videos which involves piss and shit. Though this sounds annoying, many are interested in this kind of sex today. People tend to piss and shit during sex and that is a part of sexual activity.


These are embarrassing to many people, but are really enjoyed by the ones acting in the scat videos. These kinds of videos are legal in the US and Europe. However, the typical masturbation does not involve eating one’s own shit.

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